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A couple months ago The Nike Sportswear team shared with me their upcoming fall & winter inspiration and I now have the opportunity to share it with all of you. There were a couple of very interesting elements about the stories that stayed with me, besides the infamous Destroyer jacket and the Lunar Wood’s being super dope, the message or idea was about being a maverick and highlighting the defining moment. The stories profiled individuals, athletes and groups who embodied the Maverick spirit.

By definition a maverick is an independent-minded person, a freethinking individual who refuses to conform, they are eccentric, original and value freedom.

The first people they identified as Mavericks were some of the running crews from around the world like the original running mavericks called The Athletic West Club, The Bridgerunners from New York, The Run Dem Crew from London and The Rock Trax Running Crew from Tokyo.

I felt like the stories were compelling so I wanted to share them with guys, but beyond a blog post so I created this new digital space as its platform.

The story also speaks to my sensibilities and falls inline with my philosophies that we all have the maverick spirit within in us and it’s just about discovering it.

Mavericks are so much more, their lifestyle, their actions, their passions and hobbies are all a reflection of what makes them a maverick. Eventually we will all realize a defining moment that will shape our lives forever and define us as mavericks.

As you peruse through this new digital space you will be able to learn about some of these mavericks see some new products and watch some insightful videos about these individuals. A very exciting component about this space is that you will also be able to share your story as a future maverick. I want you to tell me what you’re about, what’s your defining moment, what you want to be known for or even what you have accomplished.

I look forward to reading all your stories, sharing them with people from around the world and spreading inspiration.

Please enjoy,

May the maverick spirit be with you!

Marcus Troy

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